A Song in the Void is a single player platformer in first person, set in a world where everything is tied to the music. Search for audio tracks dispersed throughout the land to reassemble each island’s musical theme and restore harmony.

Seek the Stars is a an action pack space game where you’ll square off with up to three other friends with almost 100 ships at your disposal! Teamplay or free for all, you won't have a minute to rest!

Insure the survival of 6 different species by making them evolve as they travel the galaxy in search of a new home.

Feed your kitty to gargantuan sizes! Buy factories & old ladies in order to make sure he or she never goes hungry again. A happy kitty is a well fed kitty.

In this fashionable platformer, live a penguin's journey to save his one true love on the top of a mountain. Watch out, it's windy up there!

In this sequel to EQ1, explore the pathology of the mind through 10 levels. Each one is insane & difficult. Unlock new levels by earning good grades.

Bar Tap is a virtual bar game. Challenge your friends and see who will pay the next round! Perfect for events and a friendly esport competition, while enjoying a drink.

Use your brain and reflexes in this increasingly difficult arcade game. Find the order of angles to click, and get coins to gather more time.

A randomly generated maze will hold hours of delight and challenge. The speed of the screen increases as you play. Be careful not to get caught by the bottom of your screen!

Play a fish stuck in the Mariana Trench. Eat smaller fish, avoid larger ones, and battle the 7 bosses of the sea. Do not go gently into that good night...

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